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Monday, January 28, 2013

Ladies Special - Choosing a Partner From Matrimonial Sites

Ladies Special  -  Choosing a Partner From Matrimonial Sites

Ladies Special  -  Choosing a Partner From Matrimonial Sites
Now a days to have easier methods of getting married, young generation register themselves on various matrimonial sites. These sites enable to find match to the needy people. It also saves the time from going one place to another. But before registering onto these matrimonial sites always check credentials of the site. We tell you how;
Don’t be in a hurry to get married to the subject person you meet on line. It is important to wait because time will tell the truth
Any Complaints ? Please Contact
  Your Local Police Station 
  Women Police Station
  Help Lines
For choosing partner from the matrimonial site first it is important to find out that whether that site is registered or not
How many people are aware of that site? That can be done through by asking people or friends
If there is any perfect match then find out that whether the registration is done by right person or not. It is not fraud
Then look for the place of living, religion and education qualification.
To find out the qualification it is important to check the certificates. Sometimes wrong qualification or job description is given. It is done to attract the looker.
For job description find out the place and period of working. It can be done by giving call or visiting the office by surprise. If it is nearby then spend some time to find out that whether that person is working or not. If all things match then call the person over phone. Talking to the person also gives the idea.
There are a few reputed Detective Agencies that offer pre-marital check for a small fee. This will help to establish the authenticity of the subject person to some extent. It is important you specifically instruct the agent to collect information in respect of the subject person’s Family history (family tree). Its important to hire a reputed, police approved private detective.
It is a must to visit the subject person at his/her home in the company of his/her parents/ relatives not once but at least a number of times. Invite the subject person over to your family home as well.
  If the person is NRI
In such cases it is difficult to find out the actual person. For that proper research should be done. If it is inter religion, find out the type of culture and living standard. Friends and relatives can be good option for enquiring
It is also important to check the criminal records and health condition. Otherwise later it can affect adversely
Number of family members and whether the person is staying at own house or rented
If they say that they are going to build then find out the area of plot. Locality in which they are living is good or not
  Snares & Dangers (Based on experience of some ill-fated victims)
A matrimonial introduction site capable of authenticating the claims of its members does not exist. (Irrespective of its repute, huge membership or international status
Beware of some members lying about their past life, marital status, age, height, personality, health, social and economic status. Members could be criminals, HIV infected, bankrupt etc
A very large number of well educated 40 + women, from good family background, who have been mercilessly dumped by their former spouses with young kids are in dire and desperate need of economical and emotional support are in internet matrimonial introduction sites. Unfortunately, most of these women fall victim to a very high percentage of male members lurking in these matrimonial sites merely for sexual gratification, sexual affair or a one night stand. This is because a person over 40, envisaging a second marriage, makes all moves and takes decision in privacy without any counsel of elders. It is therefore imperative to follow the same rules and every advice given for first marriages. Even so, more caution is required for older people entering into second marriages.
In the cyber world, the subject person will always be in courtship/dating several prospective matches at any given point in time, not only in India but with members overseas as well. Courtship may involve sexual communication by typing on line, web cam and telephone. There is a real danger for these secret courtships to continue and develop even after the subject matter makes a commitment to marry you and such courtships can continue well after your marriage. It is not easy for any one to know what is going on in the dark portals of the cyber world
There are gangs operating by putting up the profile of a woman gang member to lure a well to do man into marriage merely to gain the legal status of ‘wife’ then use the legal status as modus operandi to gain criminal access to property and wealth. Alternatively file false case to extort a huge out of court settlement.
All these factors determine the marriage or choosing from matrimonial site. But what counts the most is the understanding and respect between the two. If this is good and honest then it can make marriage bliss

Friday, January 18, 2013

Online Job Fraud business - Four Held

Online Job Fraud business - Four Held

Today i.e., on 13-01-2013  Cyber Crime Police, CCS, Hyderabad arrested 4 persons who are running online Job Fraud business and cheating Educated Unemployed youth who wished to enter reputed companies through backdoor, were lured by advertisements on websites viz.,,, Globeslist, adoos etc. Huge amounts were collected from the unemployed youth by offering them Fake Offer Letters.  
A1 )     Sameer Ahmed Khan S/o Althaf Ahmed Khan, age 23 yrs, B.Com, R/o Plot NO.7.Banjara Village Colony, Risala Bazaar, Bollaram, Hyderabad.
A2)    Yandamuri  Durga Prasad, S/o Venkateshwar Rao, aged 23 yrs Occ; Coach in Jim, R/o Plot No.26, Durga Estate, Near Suchitra, Medchal,Hyderabad,
A3)    Tenali Srikanth S/o T. Daniel, age 21yrs,10th class,Goodshephed School,Shapur Nagar  R/o H. No. 5-7-217, Shapurnagar, 
A4)    Shanmugham Avinash, S/o M. Shanmugham, age 23yrs,  R/o H.No.  19-120/4,    Venkatapuram, Alwal Sec’bad.   
          On 10-01-2013 received a complaint from    Sri Y.Venkateshwar Reddy, Engineering Graduate, that on OXL website he saw one Job Portal site offering Backdoor Job in Genpact. On which he have contacted on their  phone No. 8885673286. The person introduced himself as Anand. He explained the terms and conditions and asked him to pay total amount of Rs 60,000/-.  Initially Rs.5000/-  and after getting offer letter Rs.30,000/- and remaining amount within 90 days of joining. He also asked him to send his Resume, address proof and Scanned copy of education certificates through email.  They provided account Number and asked him to send the money.  The complainant deposited the money, collected the Offer letter and   went to Genpact Office located at  Bangalore. The complainant was shocked to  know that the  offer letter  was  a Fake one  and he was cheated. He   tried to contact  them over phone  many times but  the mobile was found switched off.
           During the course of investigation, efforts were put on to trace  the  Job Fraudsters . After making ground work on credible information the Police team proceeded and apprehended  the accused A2  Yendamuri Durga Prasad.     He confessed that under the leadership of the accused A1  Sameer Ahmed Khan   and with support of A3 Tenali Srikanth and A4 Shanmukham Avinash  started giving Ads.  in and other websites and lure the unemployed youth on the name of backdoor entries in reputed software companies. Used to collect money on Installments Viz., first one, registration fees and second after getting  Offer Letter. After getting the money they remove the sim card.  Team lead by Majid Ali Khan, Inspector of Police, Cyber Crime PS, with the assistance of  Sri T.Venugopal, SI of Police, PCs Sateesh, Mahesh, Sekhar, Raghu, Taher and Waseem took part in the task.
·                     One Computer
·                     One Laptop
·                     Rs.3,70,000/- Cash
·                     One RFZ Bike, Yamaha company
·                     Internet data card
·                    Two Mobile phones used by the accused

 Addl..Commissioner of Police,
Crimes& SIT
Hyderabad City.