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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to report rape to Police?

 How to report rape to Police?

Immediately dial 100 or 112 from your mobile phone
Do not shower, wash, or change clothing
Any Complaints ? Please Contact
  Your Local Police Station  
  Women Police Stations 
Have a medical exam and internal gynaecological exam as soon as possible. A delay in time may destroy evidence
A female doctor must take semen smears
Inform female doctor of exact acts committed upon you and have the doctor note any medical evidence of them.
Female doctor should note any bruises or injuries bleeding, lacerations, etc. external or internal
Have test for venereal diseases (and pregnancy later, if relevant)
Do not disturb the scene of the assault
Inform police of all details of attacker like his face, language, did he receive any calls, his vehicle number and of anything unusual you may have noted about the attacker
Remember what the person said and how it was said. It may lead to the arrest of the assailant
Show police any external bruises or injuries, however minor, resulting from the attack
Police will request your clothes for purpose of evidence
Inform the police if you remember anything that was not previously reported
 Description of the attacker
Type of vehicle used by the rapist (if known – license, make or model and colour).
Age, weight and height
Hair colour and length
Colour of eyes
Any unusual marks, scars, tattoos, ring, etc
Any facial hair
Type of accent (Any strange or distinctive odour)
Last direction of travel

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ladies Special - How to Report Eve Teasing?

How to Report Eve Teasing? 

Ladies Special  -  Eve Teasing
Streets, bus stands, railway stations, parks and other public places should be for everyone to access and enjoy. Yet for many women they are the scenes of harassment. Everyday women face systematic assault on their fundamental right to free movement and personal dignity.
Any Complaints ? Please Contact
  Your Local Police Station  
  Women Police Stations 
  The problem:
As Laxmi walks down the street, a group of men makes comments about her face and figure--"Hey, what a figure!" "Is it 32 or 36!" She walks on without comment annoyed at the intrusion. Then the comments get nasty--"you bitch!"

Sudha is standing in a queue for a bus. Suddenly she feels a hand grab at her breast. She looks around but isn't sure who did it. She feels violated and too stunned to say anything.

Kavitha notices a man following her on the way home from work. He stays quite a distance back but is there day after day. One day he comes closer and calls out. She is afraid and changes her route and travel time to avoid him.
Sexual harassment at public places is unwelcome, unsolicited behavior of a sexual nature including staring, gesticulating, touching, passing comments, trailing. These may not seem to be a big problem, but they can be quite upsetting. It makes women feel ashamed, humiliated or frightened.

Monday, December 31, 2012

How do I Report Crime?

How do I Report Crime?

You may be either a victim of crime or a witness to the crime. Well, it is not easy to come forward. But, if no one reports crime to the Police, criminals commit more crime, damage more property and finally justice is denied forever.

It’s also important to report crime for your own sake as getting a crime number from the police will trigger the investigation.

How to report a crime?
  • Alert the nearest policeman on the street
  • Nothing like reporting crime to the policeman on the street directly!. This will ensure the quick reaction, sense of security in you and swift investigation.

If you do not see any policeman, then…
Dial 100 (Any Phone) or Dial 112 (from your Mobile) or 040 - 27852333 or 23261166
In an emergency or if you are facing immediate threat, dial 100 and ask for the police help. Information you give will be passed on to the local police without any delay. It’s always better if you give your contact number to the control room to guide the police patrols.

Going to your local police station :
At the police station you will be asked to provide details of the crime and make a statement about the facts of the case. Depending on the contents of your complaint, Police will register a case under relevant sections. If you find the response at the police station inadequate, you can always contact divisional and zonal officers. Contact us

You’ll receive a FIR Number (crime number) that you can quote to find out about the progress of your case and to make any kind of claim.

Reporting a crime anonymously :

It is not compulsory that you should give your identity when you report crime to police.

You can always convey the details you know about crime by dialing to local police station or write letters to police officers or send emails
   Please Remember :
  • By giving information about crime you will not be called to Police station as Witness
  • You will not be made as a witness against your consent
  • Even if you are a victim, your details will not be made public by police against your  will.