Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What are General Crime Signals?

What are General Crime Signals?

 Crime Signals
Have you ever had a gut feeling that something is wrong? For sure, you must have had. If something seems wrong, definitely something is wrong. Ignoring these feelings can lead to disasters at times. Let’s call these feelings as Crime Signals for a while.

After every major crime, when we try to put the pieces together, we discover that we had enough information with us in advance to prevent it, if only we shared it with the police and followed it up.
Never ignore your Crime Signals!  To prevent crime before it happens,   our Mantra ...
  See something         Tell someone          Do something
Follow your instincts.
Observe the abnormality.
Note sudden changes in behavior.
Use your experience.
Share with friends.
Never hesitate to tell police.
Never worry about the outcome. You have done your duty.

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