Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to Fight Crime and Terrorism?


In case you  suspect something:  Call 100 or 1090 at once and give as many detail as possible about the suspicious person, object or the vehicle and keep an eye on these  while giving information to the police.

YOU CAN HELP:                       

If you are a car dealer:

Ø Satisfy yourself about the antecedents of both parties, particularly the buyer, before finalizing the deal and more so if the buyer is from outside Delhi.
Ø Insist on their identification documents; photocopies of which should be retained by you.
Ø Be careful while organizing a deal particularly involving Ambassador Cars and Motorcycles as they are most likely to be used by terrorists.
If you are a landlord or a property dealer:
Ø Do not let out your premises without satisfying yourself about the antecedents of the tenant.

If you own a Guest House, Lodge or a Hotel:
Ø Insist on Identification documents before booking a room for the guest.
Ø Call 100 or report to the nearest police station about any suspicious guest.

 Report to the Police on Tel. No.100
Ø                  Suspicious and unclaimed objects like Hand Bags, Packets etc.
Ø                  Suspicious person in your vicinity 

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