Thursday, January 31, 2013

What is 419 Advance Fee Fraud?

What is 419 Advance Fee Fraud?

Mr. Sudershan Rao is a retired executive from a public sector undertaking received a mail from an unknown person, Mr. Raymond Price asking for my assistance in retrieving five hundred million looted U.S. dollars for a twenty-five percent reward. Excitement raced through him. Sudershan requested for more information. Second e-mail provided him a phone number. An ‘attorney’ in the UK told him that he would receive twenty installments of twenty-five million dollars, deposited into my bank account biweekly. All he needed to do was pay twenty-five thousand dollars in expenses and up-front fees (advance fee).

Sudershan patiently waits for the booty, it doesn’t come. He calls up the the UK number desperately only to hear Raymond saying money is stuck in Delhi Airport and he needs more money to get it released. Unsuspecting Sudershan sends some more money to the account number provided by Raymond Price. Sudershan continues to wait for his booty even today…..! 

Sudershan is scammed.

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